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        Our Advantages

        Smart Card

        Welcome to Shenzhen Liangbida Smart-card CO., Ltd.
        China PVC cards and smart cards Specialist!!! Here are the best reasons for you to choose us.
        Advantage of our products

        Customized Service

        We can provide Smart card, IC CARD , ID CARD customized service.

        SGS of our smart card

        Our Smart card, IC CARD , ID CARD can provide ISO 9001 SGS mark and 3000 times bending test report

        information about our smart cards

        Info. Center

        smart card

        Info. Center

        • Non-contact IC card

          The non-contact IC card, also known as radio frequency card, is made by IC chip and antenna sensors packaged in a standard PVC card without any exposed parts of the chip and...


        Contact: Terry


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